How Do You Build a Pigeon Cage?

To build a simple pigeon cage, cut pieces of wood to make the frame and door of the cage, and add fencing wire or mesh wire between the pieces of wood to enclose the cage. Other pre-made options for pigeon cages include bird cages or extra large dog kennels.

Pigeon cages for one or two pigeons should be at least 24 by 24 by 30 inches. Because pigeons are happier when they have more space and cages with more space can accommodate more items inside, larger cages are better.

Pigeon cages should have two bottoms: an upper floor with holes and a solid lower floor. This design allows pigeon droppings to fall through the first bottom so that the pigeons don't come into contact with droppings. It also makes the cage easier to clean, as owners can remove the second bottom without disturbing the pigeons.

If the pigeon cage is an outdoor cage, it needs to be more durable to keep predators out. The cage also needs an outer layer surrounding it to prevent predators from getting close to the wire cage. Raccoons and other predators are able to fit their claws in between wire, so they can still kill pigeons from the outside of a cage.