How Do You Build Your Own Henhouse?


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Building your own henhouse requires a set of plans, lumber, fasteners, tools and chicken wire. Some plans also require hinges and wheels. Henhouse kits provide an alternate to building a hen house from scratch, requiring only assembly of manufactured pieces.

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Most henhouse plans include a chicken coop or run along with the house. Construction of most houses begins with cutting boards for the frame, siding and roof of the house. Once the boards are cut, construct the frame of the house, usually using two-by-fours. Some designs call for windows, requiring extra framing work.

After completing the frame, side the house with boards before adding roofing, which consists of boards or roofing tiles secured with nails or screws. Many frames raise the house of the ground on posts, necessitating the construction of an entry ramp using a piece of plywood or other wide board.

The run portion of most coops consists of chicken wire attached to posts at regular intervals. Depending on the height of the run, this includes a chicken wire roof. Large coops include doors for human entry at feeding, cleaning and egg harvesting times. Some henhouse designs include an entry door at the rear of the house for easy access to eggs.

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