How Do You Build Your Own Fish Tank?


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Build your own fish tank by attaching four pieces of glass to a glass bottom using caulk and adding a light on the top. This project takes less than 60 minutes, though it may take longer it you are cutting your own glass. You need five pieces of glass, duct tape, clear aquarium silicone caulk, a Coralife mini-compact light fixture, a caulking gun, acetone, a razor blade and some paper towels.

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  1. Cut the glass

    Cut five pieces of glass. One piece needs to be 12 by 12 inches, two pieces need to be 12 by 20 inches, and two pieces need to measure 11 1/2 by 20 inches.

  2. Clean the glass

    Clean the edges of every piece of glass where you are going to apply caulk using acetone. Put some acetone on a paper towel, and rub it around the edges of the glass.

  3. Add duct tape

    Cut 10 4-inch long pieces of duct tape. Place eight sticky-side up around the 12 by 12-inch piece with two pieces of tape on one side. Half of each piece of tape should be exposed. Keep the other two pieces handy.

  4. Install the first side

    Install the first side of the tank. If the glass bottom is sitting in front of you, the first side is the one closest to you. Squeeze some caulk along the edge of the bottom piece. Take one of the 12 by 20-inch pieces and place the 12-inch side on the caulked area. Fold the tape over to help secure this piece in place.

  5. Install the second side

    Install the second piece of glass on the right side of the bottom piece flush against the first piece. You need the 11 1/2 by 12-inch piece. Place silicon along the side of the bottom piece where the 11 1/2 by 12-inch piece is going and along the right side of the first piece. Fold the tape over from the bottom piece and place tape between the two side pieces to secure the second side in place.

  6. Install the third side

    Install the third side by placing the second 11 1/2 by 12-inch piece on the left side of the bottom piece. Caulk the left edge of the bottom piece and the left side of the first piece. Fold the tape over.

  7. Install the fourth side

    Caulk the remaining edge of the bottom piece and both long edges of the remaining glass pane. Press the piece into place and fold the tape over.

  8. Clean up silicone

    Add extra silicone to fill in any gaps, and remove all the excess.

  9. Add the light

    Place the Coralife mini-compact light on top of the aquarium.

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