How Do You Build a Movable Chicken Pen?

How Do You Build a Movable Chicken Pen?

A plan for building a movable chicken pen can be found on Mother Earth News; it requires mesh sheets, steel tubing, plastic storage boxes and corrugated plastic to assemble. This pen has an open bottom to allow chickens to feed on fresh grass and insects and a steel frame to prevent dogs from breaking the pen and attacking the chickens.

To construct a movable chicken coop:

  1. Weld the frame
  2. Create two 2-foot-by-3-foot rectangles by welding steel tubing. Weld 10-foot lengths of iron angle to join the corners of the rectangles, creating a frame. Add wheels to the bottom and handlebars to the top.

  3. Cover the frame in wire
  4. Use sheets of 1-by-2-inch mesh to cover the sides of the frame and either weld it in place or tie it using wire or plastic ties. Use 2-by-4-inch mesh for the top. Mesh can also be used on the floor to protect the lawn and make the pen more predator-proof.

  5. Make a door
  6. Cut an opening in the front mesh wall. Cover this with a mesh flap.

  7. Create a roosting area
  8. Use 3-foot-by-3-foot corrugated plastic to create a covered roosting area at the back of the coop. Cut entrances in the sides of plastic storage boxes and attach them to a wooden shelf. Attach this shelf to the corrugated plastic roost.

During rainy months, the coop can be covered with a tarp. This will also protect chickens from snow.