How Do You Build Large Rabbit Hutches?

How Do You Build Large Rabbit Hutches?

One way to build a rabbit hutch is to make an all-wire cage using 14- to 16-gauge galvanized wire and then to construct a wooden frame for the wire cage. Untreated lumber and plywood are suitable materials for rabbit hutches.

Beginning with a ready-made all-wire cage allows for easy removal from the wooden frame, which simplifies the cleaning process. Some primary concerns of cage builders are hygiene and the safety and comfort of the animal. An adequate cage provides protection from the sun, rain and wind yet still maintains ventilation.

Safe cages are raised off the ground to protect the rabbits from possible predators. Pressurized lumber is appropriate for hutch legs only. The legs come in contact with moisture on the ground and are thus more likely to rot. Pressurized lumber helps avoid this problem. Pressurized lumber is not, however, safe to use when building the actual frame. Rabbits chew on wood, and the chemicals used to treat pressurized lumber can be harmful to the animals.

Rabbits can easily break out of a cage built of chicken wire, and predators can easily break in. Using 14- or 16-gauge wire ensures that the cage is strong enough to keep the rabbits in and predators out.

People have used rabbit hutches to keep rabbits since the animals were first domesticated in Catholic monasteries around 1500 A.D.