How Do You Build an Indoor Monkey Cage?

How Do You Build an Indoor Monkey Cage?

Safe and nontoxic monkey cages are available in markets and pet shops, and building from scratch is not recommended because of monkeys' inquisitive and tool-using natures. However, to make commercial cages truly suitable, be creative and innovative so that the monkey will not get bored or feel the lack of natural resources. The cage should be large enough to house a range of amusements and contain natural objects and plants, as well as having a two-door security system to prevent escape./

  1. Build the cage

    In order to build the cage, make sure that you have ample space in the indoor area, but it should also have access to air, branches and other play things that a young monkey normally needs. Install metal poles with fine wire mesh for the monkey to play on. The area beneath the cage can be a simple cement floor, or it can also be an area of dry mud or even grass so that the monkey feels at home in the cage as well.

  2. Include play things

    Place nontoxic plants and play things like rope, swings and heavy branches in the cage to keep the monkey occupied and playful.

  3. Install a two-door security system

    Remember that you need to install a two-door security system to ensure that your pet monkey does not get away while you are asleep or not paying attention.