How Do You Build a Honeybee Hive?

How Do You Build a Honeybee Hive?

To build a honeybee hive, use durable wood to make the required number of hive bodies, buy a queen excluder and wax comb foundation, attach them appropriately to the brood chamber, and place a wooden cover over the topmost hive body. Place the hive on a water-resistant bottom board, and paint the hive's interiors and exteriors.

Use durable western pine to make the hive bodies, numbering from four to 10, depending on the hive size desired. For a basic beehive, build four boxes, without a top and bottom, of the following dimensions- two boxes with a depth of 9 5/8 inches for the lower brood chambers, and two boxes with a depth of 6 5/8 inches for the upper supers.

Accordingly, cut the wood to size, and attach using box nails or staples that are power driven. To secure the attachments, use wood glue that is waterproof.

Stack these boxes one on top of the other; and position a queen excluder, which is a grid made of metal or plastic, between the brood chambers and supers. Cut deep grooves of equal size on the opposite edges of all the hive bodies. Hang the wax comb foundation frames using these grooves, 10 in every brood chamber, and nine in each super.

Place a cover that is flat, and then a telescopic exterior cover made of durable wood on the topmost hive body. Create a 3/8-inch opening using wooden strips for the entrance of the hive on the lowest brood chamber. Place a bottom board made of redwood, cypress wood or cedar wood under the lowest chamber.

Apply two to four coats of latex paint on the hive. Use white or light pastel colors for painting. Finally, place the hive close to sources of nectar or pollen.