How Do You Build a Hog Trap?


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To build a corral hog trap, overlap livestock panels by 1 foot and secure them with cable ties, leaving two ends free for the trap door. Manipulate the panels into the desired shape for the corral. Drive T-posts into the ground, and attach the trap door with heavy-gauge wire.

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How Do You Build a Hog Trap?
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Corral traps are most effective for catching a group of hogs. Although the trap can be made into nearly any shape, circular is ideal because it prevents the hogs from grouping up in one corner and climbing onto one other to escape over the top. Although corral traps take longer to set up than other trap styles but can catch many hogs simultaneously. Also, they can be amended at any time to be made larger or smaller.

Use 16 foot by 5 foot large welded wire livestock panels and 6 1/2 foot T-posts. Three or four large livestock panels should be sufficient to catch most groups of hogs. For additional reinforcement, drive a T-post into the ground on the outside of the livestock panels every 8 feet. Fasten the T-posts to the panels using more heavy-gauge wire or U-bolts.

Fasten a rope to the trap door that allows a nearby human to pull the trap shut once the hogs are inside. Lure the hogs into the trap with food. Once the group is inside, pull the rope releasing the trap door and trap the hogs. Other trap models include the cage trap and box trap.

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