How Do You Build a Goat Pen?


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Construct a goat pen out of wire fencing with wooden posts. Goat pens should be made strong enough to keep goats contained, as they may try to escape by running into the fence and knocking it down.

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Make the goat pen as large as possible within the area that is available, and include room for a shelter for the goats inside the pen to allow them to escape from wind and rain. Ideal pen locations have both sunny spots and shade and no access to any plants that could poison the goats.

After deciding on a location, measure the area for the pen and mark the four corners in either a square or rectangular shape. Construct the pen by placing wooden posts around the perimeter and driving them into the ground to create a stable frame. Wrap rolls of wire fencing around the posts and secure them well to ensure the goats cannot push against the fence and detach the wire from the posts. Fences for goat pens should be at least 4 feet high to discourage goats from climbing the fence.

If predators are a concern, use wire mesh should with openings of less than 4 inches to keep predators from entering the goat pen. If predators are not a concern, the openings in the mesh should be at least 12 inches square to allow the goats to stick their heads through the fence without becoming stuck.

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