How do you build a fish house?


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Build a fish house by visiting Knoji.com or WisconsinOutdoor.com to check out their basic plans for building an ice fishing house. Alternatively, visit MnSportsmans.com to choose from their fish house building kits.

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The fish house plan on Knoji.com requires only plywood boards, fence posts and a large tarp. The plan is for building a very basic shanty, so the instructions are easy to follow. Add windows to this basic design by using plexiglass sheets.

WisconsinOutdoor.com also has a very basic fish house plan using similar materials. The roof design is a little different, and the site recommends the inclusion of skis so the fish house can easily be towed for transport. The instructions are similarly basic but include drawings, which make the project easier to visualize and complete.

For ideas on dressing up the very basic look of these shanties, visit ArtShantyProjects.org to view various creative ways that personal expression and functionality meet in an ice-fishing house community in Minnesota.

MnSportsmans.com and FishHouseSupply.com sells ready-made ice houses, but both sites offer helpful tips for building a do-it-yourself fish house. An alternative to buying a commercial fish house and building one from scratch is purchasing fish house building kit packages from MnSportsmans.com; they range from whole house packages to wheel and frame packages to wheel-only plans. This site also sells building supplies and other ice gear.

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