How Do You Build a Duck Coop?


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A structure such as a potting shed, playhouse or garden shed can make the ideal home for ducks. Ducks don’t require roosting bars in their coops like chickens and they rarely use nest boxes. Any suitable structure requires a door and wire mesh over any openings.

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How Do You Build a Duck Coop?
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Wood is the best material for construction, as it is durable and long-lasting. Duck coops vary in size, but generally each duck needs about 4 square feet of its own space. Ducks sleep on bedding piles on the floor, so it’s important to provide adequate space. The floor of a duck house should be cement or wood to ensure that predators cannot dig underneath.

Use straw for bedding; it has insulating properties that help to keep ducks comfortable in colder weather. Straw won’t harbor mold and won’t become soaking wet as easily as wood shavings. Remove any wet or soiled bedding, as it may host mold that can lead to fatal infections.

Nesting boxes should be at least 14 square inches, placed on the floor and filled with straw. A duck house should be at least 3 feet tall and include adequate ventilation, since ducks release moisture when they breathe. The house should also include windows with shutters that can open when weather permits. Place windows at least a foot off the ground. The entrance should be wide enough to allow two ducks to enter side-by-side with a latch to deter predators.

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