How Do You Build a Dog Run?

How Do You Build a Dog Run?

Build a dog run by choosing the area, measuring and marking the space, digging out the spot for the posts and installing the chain-link fence around the run. Attach a gate to the fence, and line the edge of the fence with bricks or large stones.

  1. Choose the dog run area

    Look in your yard for an area that has enough room for the dog to run, sprint or take a stroll. Ensure that there is a shaded spot and that no poisonous plants are around. Additionally, choose a location that you can see from a window in your home.

  2. Measure and mark the area

    Measure the area, and mark the spots where the posts are going with bricks.

  3. Dig and set the posts

    Use a shovel to dig out the holes for the chain-link fence posts. Insert the posts, and pour a little concrete around them to hold them in place.

  4. Attach the fence and gate

    Secure the fence to the posts all the way around the run with heavy wire. Secure the gate to the opening of the run tightly.

  5. Line the edge

    Set bricks, rocks or other small objects around the perimeter on the inside of the chain link to prevent the dog from digging underneath the fence.