How Do You Build a Dog Kennel?


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To build a dog kennel, choose a location close to the house, design and construct a kennel run about 48 inches wide and 12 feet long, and use concrete to cover the floor. Use chain-link fencing for the inside and outside of the kennel run to save on time and costs. Ensure the floor of the kennel has a slope to avoid water puddles.

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Locating a kennel close to the house makes barking control, cleaning, and installing lights and air conditioning easy. The outside of the kennel run should be narrow and long to encourage dogs to defecate away from the entry of the dog house. Construct doors on the sides of the kennel run to prevent dogs from scattering feces as they walk in and out of the run. Cover the outside of the kennel with stiff wire mesh to keep dogs from climbing in or out.

The floors and walls of the kennel can be made from concrete, steel or wood. For concrete floors, use high-quality cement, and reinforce it with rebar and wire to prevent cracks and splits. Use chain link or welded wire to fence the kennel. To protect the dogs from wind and to increase their privacy, use fiberboard sliding or metal sheets on the sides of the kennel.

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