How Do I Build a Dog Cart?

Michael Marcus invented a way to build a light-weight dog cargo cart out of commonly available materials. The plans for building this cart are available on The wheels are from a bicycle or wheelchair, and the body of the cart is built from furniture-grade polyvinyl chloride pipe. Sweet Juniper Wood Crafts provides plans to convert a double jogging stroller into a dog-powered cart that can carry passengers.

The PVC cargo dog cart designed by Michael Marcus is estimated to cost only $35 in materials without including the cost of the wheels, as of 2014. The basic frame of the cart is PVC, with lightweight wood for the panels and shafts. The size of the wheels and cart body is adjustable to fit the size of the dog. The original design used 26-inch wheels and a very large dog.

Sweet Juniper Wood Crafts suggests purchasing a previously owned double-jogging stroller or a bike, then converting it into a dog cart by stripping everything off the chassis. The poles from the original seating are used to create the shafts; old shovel handles work as well. The plans show how to attach the original seat and cargo basket to the chassis. The cart is pictured on the website, being pulled by a medium-sized dog.