How do you build a dog cage?


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In order to build a dog cage, decide on the dimensions of the cage and make sure that it is big enough for the dog to move around, set up chain link fencing that is buried at least 1 foot into the soil and more than 4 feet high, set up a gate in the fence to let the dog in and make sure that the flooring is a comfortable material for the dog, such as pea gravel. Plan for the cage to have a doghouse or natural shading.

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When building a dog cage, it is important to make sure that the dog will be safe and comfortable. Use the following steps to make a dog cage.

  1. Make sure the cage is large enough
  2. The larger the cage, the better. Make sure that the cage will be at least 4 feet tall, and have enough room for the dog to comfortably move around.

  3. Set up chain link fencing
  4. Set up chain link fencing that is at least 1 foot deep into the soil, in case the dog learns to dig. There should be a gate opening to let the dog in and out.

  5. Decide on the flooring of the cage
  6. Concrete is not a good flooring for dogs. Instead, use grass or pea gravel.

  7. Give the dog shelter and shade
  8. Build a doghouse or other shelter to make sure that the dog has shade from the sun and elements.

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