How Do You Build a Chicken Hutch?


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To build a chicken hutch, acquire some plans, and then gather the materials before beginning the building process. Some things to keep in mind when building a chicken hutch include ensuring the protection of the chickens, setting up a perching area, having a nesting area and area for food and water. Additionally, ensure that the hutch has insulation, is accessible and has plenty of ventilation.

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To ensure the chickens are safe in the hutch, most people use chicken wire to keep the birds inside. Even with the wire, however, it is possible for larger animals, such as dogs, to chew through it, so it is a good idea to build the chicken coop at an elevation. Chickens sleep better when perching, so even if the plans do not call for a perch, make sure to add one when building the coop.

To collect eggs from chickens, make sure to also include a nesting area in the hutch, and this area must be large enough to accommodate every chicken to lay an egg every one to two days. Add insulation to the hutch in cold climates, and build a separate area for food and water if possible. It is best to keep the food and litter far from the litter area as to cut down on contamination.

Add ventilation to improve the air flow, and make sure there is a way to access the hutch from the outside for cleaning and collecting eggs.

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