How Do You Build a Chicken House?

How Do You Build a Chicken House?

To build a chicken house, order or draw out some plans, find a good spot, build the structure, add some lighting and add some nesting boxes and perches. It is also important to add features that keep predators at bay.

To build a chicken house, use the following steps.

  1. Find some plans
  2. Some people opt to draw up plans for a chicken house. However, those who lack the skills can find plenty of pre-drafted plans. Homeowners can also convert old sheds or playhouses into chicken houses.

  3. Choose a spot
  4. The ideal spot for a chicken house should be shady and easy to access. A leafy tree can provide shade in hot weather and lets sunlight in during the colder months.

  5. Build the coop
  6. Build the chicken house according to the plans.

  7. Add lighting, nesting space and ventilation.
  8. Chickens lay more eggs when they have more access to light. Adding some lighting to the coop can help keep egg production from dropping during the winter. Warm light tends to work better than cool light. Nesting boxes and perches can also encourage egg laying. Nesting space should be raised from the ground to keep everything dry. Build boxes or re-purpose items such as old baskets. Nesting areas should be easy for the hens to reach. Finally, good ventilation inside the house prevents illnesses.

  9. Keep the house safe from predators
  10. Features such as screens and latched doors help keep chickens safe from foxes, raccoons and opossums.