How Do You Build a Chicken Feeder Using PVC Pipes?


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To build a chicken feeder from PVC pipe, start by connecting two 45-degree PVC elbows. Insert the male end of one elbow into the female end of the other and twist the elbows back and forth until they are secure. Move the elbows around until they take on a U shape.

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Take a piece of 5-inch diameter PVC pipe and insert it into the open female end of one of the elbows, pushing or twisting the pipe until it is secure. Any length works; a longer pipe holds more chicken feed. Drill 1/4-inch holes on both sides of the straight pipe about 2 inches from the top using a drill with a 1/4-inch drill bit. Using 24-inch wire, thread the wire through the two holes and twist the ends of the wire together, creating a loop.

Using the loop, hang the feeder on an eye hook in a chicken coop or chicken run, allowing the bottom lip of the unattached 45-degree PVC elbow to hang several inches from the ground or low enough for the chickens to easily reach the opening. Fill the feeder with chicken feed and cap off the top of the pipe with a PVC end cap to protect the feed from becoming moist. This feeder uses gravity to fill the elbow with enough food for the chickens to feed; it is easy to keep both the food and the feeder clean.

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