How Do You Build Bunny Shelters?


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To build a bunny shelter, use two-by-four wooden boards, with the sides of the hutch lined with 1-inch mesh and the bottom covered with 1/2-inch mesh. Attach the wire mesh to the wooden frame, and provide wind and rain protection by using a canvas as cover.

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Another idea for building a rabbit hutch involves the use of untreated plywood, four-by-fours, two-by-twos, wire mesh and sandpaper. Additionally, prepare vinyl flooring squares, hasp latch and wood screws.

A 6-foot long, 2-foot high and 2-foot wide hutch is ideal for two rabbits. Use a circular saw to cut rectangular pieces from the plywood for the roof and floor, smooth rough ends with sandpaper, and cut four-by-fours for the shelter's legs. After measuring out the two-by-twos and plywood pieces, cut the side pieces, and connect the legs to the plywood floor's corners using a power screwdriver and wood screws.

Next, connect the 4 1/2-foot long two-by-two to the floor's front end, secure the 6-foot long two-by-two to the floor's rear end, and attach the two 20-inch two-by-twos to the floor's side ends. After attaching the bottom edge of the side pieces, connecting the sides and putting two-by-twos above the side pieces, connect the two-by-twos to the side pieces' upper ends. Attach the wire mesh, roof and vinyl flooring squares, and use hinges and appropriate hardware to secure the door to the shelter.

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