How Do You Build a Birdhouse?

To build a birdhouse, construct a small A-frame house with a 1-inch hole on the front side. Use a fragrant wood, such as cedar, to attract birds. You need a large piece of wood, a tape measure, a small drill, short screws, glue, a galvanized pipe flange and a flat surface.

  1. Measure and cut the wood

    This birdhouse is comprised of seven pieces. Find a straight 1- by 8-inch cedar wood board. Measure and cut two 3 1/2- by 4-inch pieces for the sides and a 3 1/4- by 5-inch piece for the floor. The roof requires two pieces, one 7- by 4 3/4-inch piece and another 7- by 5 1/2-inch piece. Measure and cut another two 5- by 8-inch pieces for the front and back. To angle the front and back sides, mark the center line parallel to the 8-inch side. From the center line at the top, cut at a 45-degree angle to both sides. On the front piece, drill a 1-inch hole a third of the way from the top.

  2. Assemble the house

    Place the floor piece on a table or work bench, and glue on the sides, the front and the back. Add clamps, and allow the glue to dry.

  3. Attach the roof

    Screw a 1/2-inch galvanized pipe flange to the bottom of the house with short screws, and use more screws to secure the two roof pieces together at a 90-degree angle with a butted joint. Center the roof over the house, and attach it to the front and back sides. Drill pilot holes, and then secure the roof with screws. Now, the roof can easily be removed for cleaning.