How Do You Build a Bird Trap?

To build a bird trap, purchase cage wire or mesh, PVC pipes with joints, wire cutters, zip ties, wooden dowels, spacers and a thin metal rod. The trap catches birds using bait and a one-way door.

  1. Build the frame

    Put the PVC pipes together using 90 degree PVC elbows and tee joints. You need 14 pipe sections, eight elbows and four tee joints. First, create the shape of a letter "C" using three pipe sections attached by two elbows. Make two of these shapes, and attach them together with two tee joints on the top and bottom. This creates a rectangle shape. Repeat this for the other side of the frame. Attach the two rectangle frames using two PVC pipes placed inside the top and bottom tee joints.

  2. Cover it in wire

    Cover the entire frame in cage wire or mesh, and attach it using the zip ties.

  3. Make the door

    Purchase eight wooden dowels no less than half a foot tall. Push a hole through the top of each. Put the metal rod through the holes with each one separated by PVC spacers.

  4. Attach the door

    Use wire cutters to create a hole in the cage wire the exact size of the dowel door. Line the door up so that the PVC spacers are on the top and bottom of the dowels that are pointed inside the cage. Attach it with zip ties.

  5. Place the bait

    Put a bowl of water and seeds or bread inside the cage. Check the trap every one or two days for birds.