How Do You Build a Backyard Dog Kennel?


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To build a backyard dog kennel, plan the size of the kennel based on the size of the dog, how much time the dog spends inside, and how much space can be dedicated to the kennel. Decide on the fencing materials to be used. Find a suitable material for flooring and add protective elements to the kennel, such as a dog house and a roof to provide shade.

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The best material to use to build a backyard dog kennel is chain link fencing. The fence should be 4 feet tall at least; taller dogs may require higher fencing. Premade walls and doors are available to match the fencing. Doors are equipped with latches that swing down to lock, but they should be reinforced with a snap clip or a carabiner to prevent escape. Bury the fence at least 1 foot into the ground to prevent digging, and prevent stress by facing the kennel away from streets or adding privacy slats.

Kennel flooring should be made of large pea gravel or flagstone. The stone's irregular shapes assist in the development of stronger paws. A sand base should be laid underneath the stones for drainage, with landscaping fabric added to cut down on weed growth. Concrete floors may seem like the least expensive and most effective choice, but the solid floor can cause injury to toes, paw pads and joints.

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