Where Do Buffalo Migrate?

Buffalo, sometimes called bison, migrate to warmer climates to find food during the winter months. They migrate back to their original foraging areas in the spring. Buffalo typically migrate from 200 to 400 miles during these seasons.

Today's buffalo are descendants of the bison that migrated from Asia to North America. There are around 30,000 bison living on the continent. Currently, one of the largest populations of bison lives in Yellowstone National Park, but there are only between 2,300 and 5,000 left in this subpopulation.

During the winter, bison are protected by a thick undercoat and several layers of fat. Roughly nine out of every 100 bison die during the winter for varying reasons. When bison migrate and where they go depends on the number of animals and the amount of food available to them. They have been known to follow the same route during each migration.