What Is a Budweiser Pitbull?


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The term "Budweiser pit bull" may refer to a pedigreed pit bull descended from the Budweiser Crusher line or to a breed of dog used in television ads for Budweiser. The Budweiser mascot, Spuds MacKenzie, was often mistaken for a pit bull, although the dog was actually a bull terrier.

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The Budweiser Crusher line is one of the major pit bull bloodlines, as of 2015. Dogs from the line are descendants of Mikel's Budweiser Crusher, a male dog that sired many progeny in North Carolina. Budweiser Crushers are prized as family dogs and for their abilities in the show ring.

Alternately, the term "Budweiser pit bull" may refer to the bull terrier, a separate yet closely related breed of dog. Soon after Spuds became a mascot for Bud Light beer, bull terrier breeders had to explain to the public that the dog was not a pit bull.

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