How Do You Brush a Dog's Teeth?

How Do You Brush a Dog's Teeth?

To brush a dog’s teeth, select a brush and toothpaste, and get the dog used to your fingers in her mouth. Proceed slowly the first time you brush your dog's teeth.

  1. Buy a brush and toothpaste

    Purchase a dog-specific toothbrush from a pet shop, or buy a brush that fits on your finger. You can also opt for gauze on your finger. Buy pet-specific toothpaste; human toothpaste can upset your dog's stomach.

  2. Let your dog get accustomed to your fingers

    Put some peanut butter, or any food paste your dog enjoys, on your finger. Let your dog lick your fingers while brushing your fingers against her teeth and gums. Repeat twice a day for about three days, then replace the peanut butter with your dog’s toothpaste.

  3. Work your way up to a toothbrush

    Brush your dog's teeth daily, if possible, and work your way up to longer sessions and to a toothbrush. Hold your dog's muzzle if she struggles.