Is a Brown Pomeranian Puppy Unusual?


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Brown is a normal color variation of the Pomeranian, which also appears in red, white, black and a variety of other colors and patterns. The coat of the Pomeranian is double layered and is more pronounced around the neck and chest.

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Is a Brown Pomeranian Puppy Unusual?
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The outer layer of the Pomeranian's coat is coarse and long, while the undercoat is soft and thick. The Pomeranian's coat requires frequent brushing for optimal appearance and health. The Pomeranian is a toy-sized dog that reaches up to 12 inches in height and usually weighs between 3 and 7 pounds. The temperament of the Pomeranian is described as docile, intelligent and affectionate. Despite the diminutive size, the Pomeranian can be an excellent watchdog.

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