Are Brittany Puppies Easily Trained?


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Brittany puppies are fairly easy to train, according to DogTime.com. They received three out of five stars in the Trainability category, meaning that they are adept at forming an association between a command, such as “sit” and a consequence, or treat, very quickly.

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Are Brittany Puppies Easily Trained?
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The Brittany also received three stars for intelligence in that it is adept at decision making and concentration but requires mental stimulation to perform at its highest level. It is a sensitive breed that does not respond well to harsh correction when training. Good training activities for a Brittany include hunting tests, field trails, agility and tracking.

The Brittany is a gun dog originally bred primarily for bird hunting. It displays the working characteristics of a pointer or setter rather than a true Spaniel. It is athletic and energetic with a sweet temperament.

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