What Are Some British Shorthair Breeders?


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According to the Fanciers Breeders Referral List, reputable British Shorthair cat breeders are located in 20 states and Canada as of 2014, as well as in Austria, Denmark and Russia. The FBRL began in 1994 as a subscription service for breeders advertising their catteries, services and contact information.

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The online list refreshes daily to provide evergreen information. In the notes section, each breeder indicates contact information and lists the associations to which they belong, generally the Cat Fancier's Association and the International Cat Association. Other notes include any awards, such as Grand Champion, that their breeding lines have received. Other listed information is neutering policies, written contact information and details regarding the kittens' personalities, eating habits and socialization prior to placement. The Cat Fancier's Association offers a breed referral service online at CFA.org.

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