What Are Some Breeds of Small Cats?


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Small cat breeds include the American Curl, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Munchkin and the Singapura, according to the Cat Breeds Encyclopedia. Cats from small breeds usually weigh from 4 to 10 pounds. Abyssinian, Bombay, Burmese, La Perm, Peterbald, Sphinx and Tokinese cats are also classified as small breeds.

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What Are Some Breeds of Small Cats?
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Small cat breeds are sometimes favored by owners who have limited space for a pet or by those who wish their cats to continue to look like kittens even after they reach maturity. As small cat breeds are bred with these factors in mind, they are playful, affectionate and enjoy close human contact. The smallest of the small cat breeds is the Singapura, according to Cats Around The Globe. Typically half the size of an average cat, the Singapura is closely related to the Abyssinian breed. The next smallest breed is the Munchkin. These cats have bodies that are only slightly smaller than average but have extremely short legs, reducing their overall size. As the size of any specific cat depends to some degree on the animal's gender and heritage, it is possible that a kitten from a small breed may ultimately grow larger than a typical house cat. Similarly, a kitten from a larger breed may be smaller than usual when it reaches adulthood.

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