What Are Some Breeds of Puppies Available to Buy in Massachusetts?


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Some puppy breeds you can buy in Massachusetts include the Welsh Terrier, Labrador Retriever, French Bulldog and Chihuahua. Commonly, breeders rather than kennels sell these pure breeds as well as designer breeds.

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Welsh Terriers are very mild-mannered yet playful, inquisitive, sensitive and independent. Highly popular as strong, loyal, obedient and friendly dogs, Labrador Retrievers are good with children. French Bulldogs, unlike other bulldogs, move freely. They are hardy, entertaining lap dogs. Chihuahuas, too, are lap dogs, but are reserved with strangers and intensely devoted to one person. Both Labrador Retrievers and Chihuahuas are good with other dogs and pets.

Trustworthy puppy listings should have key breeder information, such as a contact name and number, business name, website and location. They also include information on the puppy, such as date of birth, bloodline, health, personality, raising tactics, price and availability. Some breeders require deposits to reserve a puppy from the litter of a pregnant mother. Two reliable websites for viewing listings of puppies by breeder are MassachusettsSuperAds.com and BreedersClub.net.

People seek purebred puppies for their specific personality traits, needs and appearance, which remain consistent over many generations. Some puppies are an intentional mixture of two different breeds and are called designer breeds. A few popular designer breeds are Cockapoo, Labradoodle and Puggle.

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