What Breeds of Horses Are Included in Pedigree Online's All Breed Pedigree Database?


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The drop-down menu for adding entries to the Pedigree Online All Breed Database contains 191 entries for specific breeds or types. The choices range from common breeds such as the Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Arabian and Saddlebred to rare breeds like the Bashkir Curly. There is also an "other" option.

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The Pedigree Online All Breed Database is an open database permitting any user to add horses of any breed. Horses do not have to be purebreds to be entered as there are menu entries for "crossbred" and for horses such as Morabs that are bred by crossing parents of two different pure breeds. A user wishing to add a horse of a breed or type not found in the menu can contact site administration at webmaster@pedigreeonline.com to request that the breed be added. For Thoroughbreds, users may also add the horse to the Pedigree Online Thoroughbred Database, which is reserved for that breed only.

To add a horse to either Pedigree Online database, go to the "Maintenance" option on the home page and select "Add Horse." This will bring up an entry form requesting the horse's name, sex, year of birth and sire and dam. The All Breed Database also requests the horse's breed. To create a record, the horse's name and sex must be entered. The record can be edited later to add further information.

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