Which Breeds of Cat Have Medium Hair?


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Breeds of medium-haired cats are the Turkish Van, the Manx, the Bengal, the American Wirehair, the American Bobtail, the Aegean, the Siberian, the Ragdoll, the Asian Semi-Longhair, the Mekong Bobtail, the Birman, the Khao Manee, the Chausie, the Ragamuffin, the Javanese, the Abyssinian, the LaPerm, the Nebelung, the Cyprus Aphrodite and the Chantilly. These breeds can vary in actual length of hair but are still classified as medium-haired cats.

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Which Breeds of Cat Have Medium Hair?
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Although cat breeds are typically classified as long, medium or short, there's much more variety in the texture of the fur. Medium-haired cats have fur that's usually silky and fine. The undercoat might be thick but isn't generally fluffy or bushy. The fur isn't as long as a long-haired cat, but the hair still flows. There is often excess fur around the neck and rear, and the tails are usually long and feathery.

Although many short-haired cats have fur that's longer going down their spines, they lack the extra fur, and their tails are smooth. There's often some confusion over whether a medium-haired cat is actually medium haired or long haired, and some professionals don't even make a distinction and consider medium hair to be long hair, ignoring the classification "medium" altogether.

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