What Breeder Qualities Should You Look for When Buying Toyger Cats?


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A reputable Toyger breeder is knowledgeable about the breed and abides by a code of ethics that outlines the breeder's responsibility to his cats and his buyers. He also ensures that his kittens are vaccinated and properly socialized and provides written health guarantees to buyers .

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Reputable breeders are interested in making a good match between a cat and its new family, rather than seeking quick sales. Most catteries that sell to individual owners rather than pet shops or wholesalers do not have more than one or two litters on the premises at a time, so advertisements that indicate that kittens are always available or that a buyer can choose any kitten desired are red flags. The Toyger is a rare breed and reputable breeders usually have waiting lists for kittens of a given sex or color.

If at all possible, visit the breeder's facilities before making a commitment to buy from him. The parent cats should be available for inspection and should appear healthy; they should also have records indicating that they are getting regular checkups. The areas where kittens are being raised should be clean, and fresh water should be readily available. Ideally, the mother cat and her kittens will be living in close contact with the breeder's family to promote socialization, and the breeder will ask questions about the potential buyer's expectations, family and other pets to ensure a good match.

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