How Do You Breed White Skirt Tetra?

To breed white skirt tetra, prepare the environment, put them together and tend the fry. Spawning happens when they are isolated together, and eggs take one day to hatch. Necessary supplies are the fish, two tanks with filters and micro fish food.

  1. Identify males and females

    Male white skirt tetras have narrow bodies, a broad anal fin and a pointed dorsal fin. Females are larger with rounder bodies and a pointed anal fin. Their stomachs become even rounder when they're pregnant.

  2. Set up the breeder tank

    Tetra only breed in the correct environment. Maintain the water temperature at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH of the water should be between 5.8 to 8.5. They prefer subdued lighting, gravel of a neutral color and large fine-leafed plants.Standard filters could suck up the eggs and newly-hatched fry, so use a sponge filter.

  3. Place the fish together

    Breeding tetra should be kept in schools until spawning. When two tetras have paired up, place them in a breeder tank together. Tetras generally breed among fine-leafed plants, which should be available in the breeder tank.

  4. Remove the fish from the breeder tank

    Tetra eat their own eggs if left with them. Therefore, transfer adult tetra fish back to their aquarium after they have spawned.

  5. Tend to the fry

    Tetra eggs hatch within a day. They need micro food such as freshly-hatched brine shrimp or ground fish flakes. The fry can also eat egg yolk. Babies don't reach full maturation for a year.