How Do You Breed Guppies?


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In an ideal setting, guppies can be bred easily. Introducing a male to two females almost always results in offspring. Professional breeders take additional steps to ensure that their fish are show-ready.

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  1. Set up a fish tank

    Guppies need to be in ideal living conditions in order to breed. The freshwater tank should be heated to 25-26 degrees Celsius and have plenty of hiding spaces.

  2. Select the breeder fish

    Guppies are kept at a ratio of one male to two females. The breeder fish selected should have vivid colors and be healthy. Females will have duller colors but should still appear healthy. Fish can be purchased at a pet store or through a breeder.

  3. Wait

    If the fish are well-fed and in a healthy living space, they will usually breed on their own. The fish become pregnant after 26 and 31 days. If a female is ready to give birth, a dark spot will appear on her swollen belly.

  4. Separate the females

    Pregnant females should be placed in a special breeder net or trap that can separate the offspring once they are born.

  5. Place offspring in a new tank

    Because of their size, the offspring may be eaten if kept in the same tank as the parents.

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