What Breed of Dogs Are Hypoallergenic?

No dog is completely hypoallergenic, but breeds that are less-troublesome for allergy sufferers include the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Chinese Crested, Poodle and certain terriers. These breeds shed little and have either short coats or hair instead of fur.

About 10 percent of the population is allergic to dogs, according to the American College of Allergy. The symptoms include sneezing, runny or stopped up nose, sinus pain, coughing, or skin rash. Some people are allergic to dog dander or they obtain reactions from bites, licking or scratches. An allergist can perform a skin prick test to determine whether or not a person is allergic to dogs.

A person who is allergic but wants to keep his dog can ease symptoms by keeping the animal away from furniture, avoiding contact near the face, using a HEPA cleaner, regularly vacuuming the floor, bathing, and grooming the dog regularly. A person with respiratory or nasal reactions can opt for allergy shots or medication. Eyedrops, inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilators can significantly reduce symptoms in some people. Allergy shots are easy to maintain, but a person may build tolerance to them over time. A doctor can gradually increase the shot dosage to keep the person allergy-free.