What Breed of Dog Is Snoopy?

breed-dog-snoopy Credit: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

Snoopy is a beagle. This cartoon character is a part of the Peanuts newspaper comic strip that first appeared in 1950.

Snoopy is a small white beagle with many anthropomorphic characteristics and a comically large head. This beloved character is a regular part of the Peanuts comic drawn by Charles M. Schultz. The cartoonist died in 2000, and no new Peanuts comics have since been created. However, the extreme popularity of the comic strip caused many newspapers to continue printing the series in reruns.

On October 4, 1950, just two days into the comic, Snoopy made his first appearance. Early on, Snoopy was more dog-like, walking on all fours and not speaking. His first thought bubble appeared in a March 16, 1952 Peanuts comic strip. Ever since, Snoopy has only communicated through thought bubbles or by gestures and growls.

The character has a very active imagination and often retreats into it. He has alter egos, such as a smooth, sunglasses wearing college student named Joe Cool. Snoopy also frequently pretends to be a World War I pilot. He can be seen sitting on top of his dog house pretending that it is a Sopwith Camel fighter plane in the midst of an epic aerial battle. Snoopy's official birthday is August 10th.