How Do You Breed Clown Loaches?

Breeding clown loaches in a home aquarium is difficult. To breed clown loaches, make sure to have at least one male and one female. Water conditions need to be specific, and your loaches must be sexually mature. Clown loaches breed without direct intervention from humans.

  1. Choose male and female fish

    To breed clown loaches, you need a male and a female fish. Male clown loaches have tips on their tail fins that are slightly bent. Female clown loaches do not have tail fin tips that are bent.

  2. Allow fish to reach sexual maturity

    Clown loaches live approximately 50 years. This type of fish typically does not reach sexual maturity until later in life. Fish that are sexually mature are at least seven inches long.

  3. Prepare the aquarium

    Clown loaches are particular about the conditions under which they breed. Ensure that the water temperature is maintained at 84 degrees Fahrenheit, the pH level at 6.5, ammonia and nitrite levels at zero and the level of nitrates lower than 25.

  4. Wait for fish to spawn

    Once you have prepared the aquarium, wait for your fish to spawn. There is nothing else that you are able to do to encourage your fish to breed. When your fish lay eggs, remove the adults and place them in a separate tank so they are unable to eat their own eggs.