What Breed of Cat Does Not Shed?


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According to Cat Channel's veterinary expert, nearly all cats shed to some degree, since all cats have at least some fur, even cats that are considered hairless. However, some cats shed less than what is typical, making them an ideal choice for those who have cat allergies or sensitivity to cat hair.

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Cat Channel says that cats that have no undercoat shed less than other cats. These cats include Siamese, Burmese and Tonkinese cats. Cats that lack guard hairs on the outside of their coat also shed less and include Devon Rex and Cornish Rex cats. Finally, hairless cats shed less because they have very little hair to shed at all. The most well-known hairless cat is the Sphynx, according to Cat Channel. PetMD notes that although Spynx cats are commonly seen and described as hairless, although most of them are actually covered in a very thin layer of fur. This fur is the consistency of gossamer and is comparable to the fine down that humans and other hairless mammals have, according to PetMD. Because the fur that Sphynx cats have is not an undercoat or overcoat and lacks guard hairs, it does not shed the way most cats' fur does.

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