What Breed of Cat Is Grumpy Cat?

Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images North America/Getty Images

Grumpy Cat’s breed is unknown. Her mother is a short-haired domestic calico. A male cat in Grumpy’s house has gray and white stripes, but Grumpy’s owners are unsure if that cat is Grumpy’s father.

Grumpy Cat, also known as Tardar Sauce, resembles a snowshoe Siamese the most. Her owners say she looks like she may have Ragdoll or Persian ancestry. Grumpy has feline dwarfism, causing her to look different from other cats. Her dwarfism causes a wobbling motion when she walks, but she is otherwise healthy. Her owners claim that she is not usually grumpy; she is a happy cat that plays and hides with her other cat family members.