What Breed of Cat Has Blue Eyes?


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Ragdoll and Turkish Angora cat breeds have blue eyes. While both of these types of cats tend to have white or light-colored fur, the Ragdoll also displays a point coloration pattern. This means that the extremities of its body such as its tail, feet and ears are covered in darker hair.

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Adult Ragdoll cats weigh between 9.9 and 19.8 pounds. According to Catster.com, these cats are good for families with children, singles who want pets and first-time pet owners. Cats of this breed tend to be relaxed and to get along with most family members, including dogs. They also enjoy water. Ragdolls have been nicknamed "puppy cats" and may act in similar ways to dogs, such as by retrieving thrown items. The growth rate of a Ragdoll is slower than that of other cats. It can take up to four years for one to reach maturity.

Turkish Angoras reach an adult weight of between 6.6 and 18.7 pounds. Like Ragdolls, they enjoy water. They are playful, energetic and affectionate cats who love a lot of attention from their owners. They are prone to deafness when blue-eyed. When a Turkish Angora has only one blue eye, it is likely to be deaf in the ear on the side with the blue eye. The long coats of these cats require frequent brushing to maintain their health and appearance.

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