How Do You Breed Bulls and Cows?

breed-bulls-cows Credit: Jos/CC-BY 2.0

Breed cattle either by releasing bulls into a pasture with cows or by artificial insemination. To artificially inseminate a cow, collect semen from the bull and deposit the semen inside the uterine body of a cow in heat.

To artificially inseminate a cow, first collect semen from the bull by using electroejaculation, an artificial vagina, or massage of the seminal vesicles and ampullae through the rectum. Of these, use of an artificial vagina is the most common.

Semen collection using an artificial vagina requires three people. One must collect the semen, one must control the bull and one must handle the teaser animal. The teaser animal should be a calm steer of the appropriate size for the bull to mount. Disinfect the rear quarters of the steer and trim any hair surrounding the genital area of the bull and steer.

Position the steer directly in front of the bull. Fill the liner of the artificial vagina with warm water, lubricate the inner surface and place an insulating cone over the end with the collection tube. Allow the bull to mount the steer twice, restrain him for two minutes and then allow him to mount the steer once more.

Once the semen is collected, restrain the cow in a familiar area free of stressful conditions. Wipe the vulva area clean, then insert the insemination rod, avoiding contact with the vulva lips. Align the rod with the cervical opening and deposit the semen.