How Do You Breed Bearded Dragons?


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Acquire both a male and a female bearded dragon. Set up the habitat to ensure proper breeding and fertility conditions. Once the eggs are laid, they must be removed and incubated.

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  1. Select breeding mates

    Find two bearded dragons, one male and one female, that are approximately the same size. Separate them until you are able to take them to a veterinarian for an evaluation. Potential mates should always be checked by a vet before being introduced.

  2. Set up the habitat

    The habitat should be large enough to contain two bearded dragons, and it should have plenty of space for them to hide from one another, if necessary. The temperature in the enclosure should be between 77 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and there should be a basking spot that is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Create a separate enclosure for the male, female and offspring. For a period of two to three months, decrease the temperature and light for better fertilization conditions.

  3. Mate the bearded dragons

    Once the female has reached 18 months of age, put her in the males' habitat for one week. Remove her for one week, then put her back in for another week. Once you have seen them mate, remove the female for the last time. The female soon becomes slightly larger around the abdomen and begins to eat less once the eggs start to develop. Provide her with a lay box, or a small plastic box filled with potting soil, to lay her eggs. Once the eggs have been deposited, remove them, and incubate them. Once the eggs hatch, transfer the young to a separate habitat.

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