How do you breed Alexandrine parrots?


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Breeding of Alexandrine parrots can be accomplished by placing a bonded pair of birds in a large aviary with a nestbox. The natural mating season of the Alexandrine parrot is between the months of November and April, with successful breeding resulting in two to four eggs.

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In order to successfully breed Alexandrine parrots:

  1. Choose the birds for breeding
  2. The gender of an Alexandrine parrot is readily determined at 36 months of age. A male parrot has black neck rings accompanied by one or more pink neck bands with a narrow band of blue-gray while the females have neck bands of varying shade of gray with no black rings. A bonded pair of birds will have a strong connection or affinity for one another that commonly precedes the pair's mating. Although a bond may be formed, the birds usually keep their distance and maintain their space.

  3. Install the nestbox
  4. After the bond forms and the breeding season arrives, hang a nestbox inside the aviary. The nestbox should measure 16 x18 x 24 inches with a 5- to 6-inch entrance.

  5. Breed the birds
  6. Successful breeding yields between two and four eggs that require 28 days of incubation. The birds are usually weaned between 3 and 4 months of age.

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