What Are Some Good Boy Kitten Names?


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Many classic names for boy kittens are names made popular by famous characters or celebrities, such as Garfield, Tigger, Einstein and Elvis. Other names, such as Kit Kat, Inky and Blaze, are inspired by inanimate objects and refer to a boy kitten's color, size, or personality.

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What Are Some Good Boy Kitten Names?
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According to Pet MD, some popular names for boy kittens include Toby, Leo, Milo, Harley, Whiskers, Simba, Mr. Meowgi, Ash, Hershey, Oscar, Merlin, Jasper, Socks, Smokey, Axel, Blaze, Diesel, Shadow, Titan, Gizmo, Chico, Buzz, Alfie, Rufus, Romeow, Aladdin, Sylvester, Archie, Dusty, Apollo, Rusty, Afro, Beau, Jinx, Tom, Ares, Alfonzo, Aspen, Spartacus, Augustus, Teddy, Boots, Duke, Cheshire, Peanut, Pepper, Abraham, Dexter, Pickles, Otis, Thor, Salem, Bentley, Yogi, Chester, Marley, Fudge, Caesar, Nemo, Thunder, Twister, Maximus, Quincy, Charlie, Boomer, Blackjack, Scooter, Cupid, Hunter, Midnight, Nacho, Domino, Riley, Finn, Chase, Simon, Dr. Who, Blitz Jojo, Frankie, Quinn, Jax, Alvin, Jefferson, Buster, Presley, Theodore, Logan, Diego, Sherlock, Casey, Barney, October, Jaguar, Henry, Jesus, Tanner, Beamer, Elmo, Prince, Lancelot, Watson, Ben, Rex, Casper, Troy, Mozart, Grover, Hobson, Harold, Hugo, Lenny, Milo, Pablo, Wallace, Winston, Angus, Archie, Fritz, Merlin, Houdini, Morris, Crookshanks and Valentino. Other names for boy kittens are Hannibal, Tabasco, Bobo, Chuck, Uno, Godzilla, Gonzo, Heathcliff, Wilbur, Noel, Neo, Scrooge, Schnitzel, Liam, Chaplin, Caponi, Rocco, Bigfoot, Hulk, Pierre, Homer, Faustus, Felix, Fergus, Fez, Spud, Paxton, Rico, Tudo, Taz, Earl, Cam, Napoleon, Nickolas, Nino, Gus, Hamilton, Harry, Higgins, Kent, Kikki, Kegan, Barclay, Brandon, Brighton, Carlton, Ozzie, Oxford, Orville, Wilfred, Payton, Grant, Dougal, Duke, Malfoy, Rhett, Orion, Gigolo and Gandalf.

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