What Are Some Facts About the Boxer Dog Breed?


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As a well-known dog with a long and established history, the American Kennel Club first recognized the boxer in 1910 after the breed arrived to the United States from its native Germany. Due to their loyal and friendly nature, many dog owners find boxers appealing as pets.

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Boxers tend to make good pets for those with children, as they have high energy levels but remain tender enough to avoid accidental injury. Fiercely devoted to protecting their family, boxers have been known to put themselves between their owners and a hostile stranger.

Boxers require something of a firm hand in obedience training. While physical punishment is never a good alternative, they respond well to a variety of exercises. As highly intelligent dogs, boxers often demonstrate their astute problem solving skills. New boxer owners often find it necessary to have lots of things for the dogs to do to prevent them from becoming destructive.

Boxers carry a certain stigma stemming from the impression that they do not live a long time. While they are susceptible to some genetic ailments such as hip dysplasia because of their active lifestyles, boxers typically remain healthy, however, with some animals living for over 10 years with proper veterinary care.

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