Where Do Box Turtles Live?


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Box turtles live in open woods, wet meadows and pastures, according to the Smithsonian National Geographic Park. They are commonly found near ponds and river streams.

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The Smithsonian National Geographic Park notes that box turtles burrow into earth, stump holes, stream bottoms and other animals' burrows during hibernation. The box turtle's own hibernation season is in October or November. When not in hibernation, box turtles dwell in cooler areas such as hollow logs and muddy waters to escape summer heat. Box turtles also bathe in open sunlight to stay warm during cooler seasons.

Box turtles live exclusively in North America and can be found throughout the east coast of the United States. They live in other states including Texas, Illinois, Michigan and Kansas, and are also found outside of these areas since they are popular pets.

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