What Is a Boston Terrier Poodle Mix?


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The type of dog that results from crossbreeding a Boston terrier and a poodle is called a bossi-poo. Bossi-poos are a cheerful and intelligent hybrid type of dog and are known to be loyal, loving family pets that are good for all kinds of living situations.

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The bossi-poo is a multi-talented breed that can serve functions ranging from a watch dog to a competitor in agility and speed competitions. They are intelligent dogs, and despite their propensity for stubborn streaks, respond well to obedience training. Bossi-poos are not loud dogs and only tend to bark when necessary to alert their owners of something. They have fun-loving and almost comical dispositions and have a knack for tricks and acrobatics.

In appearance, the bossi-poo generally has floppy ears that hang down. Its head is rounded, and it has a medium-length snout and a muscular body. This breed can have a multitude of coat textures, including curly, short or smooth against the skin. Bossi-poos are not heavy shedders, but dogs of this breed with slightly longer hair require regular brushing. These dogs can weigh between 20 to 25 pounds and stand up to 15 inches high. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years.

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