What Are Some Facts About Border Collies?


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Border collies are herding dogs used to control sheep on the hillsides between Scotland and England. This type of dog is extremely intelligent and highly energetic, making it a good dog to train and use in canine exhibitions and sports. Border collies tend to be shy and must be well socialized by owners.

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As herd dogs, border collies tend to try to corral anything that moves, including human children. These types of dogs may tend to nip, nudge or bark at noisy children as a way to attempt to control them the same way they do with sheep. They are extremely sensitive dogs and respond well to subtle commands.

Due to their high energy levels and intelligent natures, border collies require near-constant mental and physical stimulation. If they become bored, they are likely to seek out their own amusement, which can include finding an escape route out of their pens or backyard enclosures.

Border collies are prone to certain illnesses, including allergies, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and collie eye anomaly. Epilepsy, collie eye anomaly and hip dysplasia are commonly inherited illnesses in border collies. When purchasing a border collie from a breeder, it is important for a prospective owner to ask to see health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals that disclose any familial health anomalies of the puppy and its parents.

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