How Do Bobcats Survive?

bobcats-survive Credit: Sandy/Chuck Harris/CC-BY-2.0

Bobcats are able to survive by capturing prey, hunting for water sources and adapting to environments that may not be ideal. They are a breed of wild cats that are able to hunt no matter what conditions exist.

The bobcat was once one of the most prolific species of cats in North America, but there numbers was reduced at an alarming rate due to the high value of their fur. In the 1970s, international laws were put into place to protect the species and they began growing to larger numbers. Bobcats are most commonly found in forests and areas that have semi-desert climates. They often live alone and females never live together in territories. Males, unlike other animals, sometimes allow their territories to overlap.

Bobcats are carnivorous cats. They have long legs and large paws that are ideal for capturing prey that they use to survive. They have a flat face with extra fur on their cheekbones. They range in color from gray to orange and they often have many spots on their legs, with fewer spots appearing on the body area. Bobcats are most easily recognized by their short tail, which is much different than that of other feline species.